Black Women Bodybuilding Presents: Adriene Williams

Tell us about yourself

  • Name Adriene Williams
  • Age 29
  • Height 5’6
  • Weight 184 
  • Occupation: Hospital Appointment Coordinator

Give us a brief backstory on how you got started on your fitness journey/lifestyle.

(Adriene) I was going through a divorce about 7 years ago and I decided to talk to a recruiter about enlisting in the military.  The recruiter came to my house and weighed me and told me that if I wanted to join the service I would have to lose 80lbs.  At that time I had no idea I weighed 235lbs.  I never owned a scale and only used it once a year when I was going to the doctor.  I couldn’t believe I was that big.  He then went into my kitchen and looked at the food in the refrigerator and empty alcohol bottles that I saved for display and stated that I would have to change my diet and add exercise.  He told me no pork, beef, breads, sweets, sodas, pastas, fried foods etc., and said that I would have to work out for at least 1 hour a day.  He followed up with me for about two weeks and then I never heard anything else from him again.I stuck with the plan because I noticed how making those changes caused me to feel different.  I felt lighter and I had a ton of energy.  Working out became a part of my every day routine.  I would not miss a day.  It helped with relieving stress and tension.  I loved my new lifestyle.  I now feel incomplete if I am not able to work out and I have a completely new outlook on food as well.  I have a hunger to learn more and push myself to newer levels in this journey.  I was able to lose 75lbs naturally.


What struggle did you run into getting started or staying motivated to continue towards your goals?

(Adriene) In the beginning of my journey I honestly didn’t have any struggles that I can remember. I knew I had to do something.  Once I made it a routine, it became second nature.  I looked forward to being able to wake up the next day to work out or after I got off work.  It became my therapy and I was in love with my results.


What advice do you have for those struggling with motivation to reach their goals or continue with a healthy lifestyle?

(Adriene) Never give up.  I know this sounds so cliché but it is the truth.  We all fall off the wagon and we all have things in life that we go through, but never give up or lose sight as to why you started.  It can also be very overwhelming with all the new quick fix products that are offered nowadays.  Stay away from them!!! Always remember that “nothing works but WORK”.


What is your approach to Diet/Nutrition and the role it plays in reaching your goals?

(Adriene) I think nutrition is the biggest hurdle for reaching my goals.  Anyone can work out and be active, but if your diet is not on point then it doesn’t matter.  Me personally, I have a difficult time with nutrition because I work in a sedentary environment with other people who love to indulge in foods that I know are not beneficial to my growth and will hinder me.


What is a typical day of eating like for you?

(Adriene) On a good day I eat very low amounts carbohydrates (less than 25g), vegetables, protein and moderate healthy fat.  Since I practice Ketogenic dieting I’m able to eat higher amounts of fat and protein and low carbs.


What is your training schedule like and how do you split your workouts?

(Adriene) Typically I train 3-4x a week. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and some Sunday’s.  Since I am a full time single mother, work full time, and I’m enrolled in school full time I am not able to work out every day.  When I do workout I make it count.  I believe in working your entire body instead of focusing on splitting days for different parts of your body. Full body to me means using your entire body to do an exercise.  I.e. squats, deadlifts, push-ups, jumping jacks, jump rope planks etc.


Favorite body part to train?

(Adriene) Since I have naturally big legs I enjoy training my legs.  I also like training my oblique’s and arms as well.


Can we get a sample of your workout playlist?

(Adriene) My playlist right now consist of artist like: Joey-badass, Kevin Gates, Vybz-Kartel, Rae Sremmurd, Fat Joe, Future, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, Drake etc.


Do you take any supplements? If so what do you take?

(Adriene) I am not really big on supplements.  I prefer real foods.  I am a firm believer that if you nourish your body with proper foods you will not need to supplement as much.  I do however consume protein shakes as snacks every so often.  My protein of choice is Premier Protein because it is very low in carbs, high in protein (1 shake = 30g), and taste amazing.  I also take Juice+ Plus capsules which is just an added bonus to my diet.


What are your staple fitness products for you?

(Adriene) My “McDavid” waist band, along with my Bose noise canceling headphones.


Favorite food/Cheat meal?

(Adriene) Fried chicken with regular flour or fried rice.


One interesting fact about you?

(Adriene) I get overly excited about healthy foods and learning about the benefits of what we eat.  Another fact about me is that I get really depressed after a few days without exercise.


Anything else you would like to share with us?

(Adriene) One thing I noticed about the fitness industry is that everyone feels that their way is the right way or how they do one thing should be the same way everyone does it.  I think that is the main reason as to why people get discouraged and give up so quickly.  There are multiple ways to accomplish the same results.  No one way works for everyone.  Find what way works best for you and stick with that!

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