Black Women Bodybuilding Presents: Natoshia Coleman

Tell us about yourself

  • Name Natoshia Coleman
  • Age 26
  • Height 5’3.5
  • Weight 120-125lbs Stage: 113lbs
  • Occupation: Administration and IFBB Pro Athlete

Give us a brief backstory on how you got started on your fitness journey/lifestyle.

(Natoshia) I changed my lifestyle at the age of 22. I woke up one day and couldn’t understand why my body would ache to the core, I had an attitude about everything and just didn’t feel like a 22 year old should feel in my opinion. I had always been active in High School never a top athlete but admired their dedication. I slowly stopped being so active as I got older, I had thankfully gotten out of a very toxic relationship and I needed something to get me back on my feet. There was a point and time where I wouldn’t eat for hours, I’d pop fat burners and go do cardio and thought it was ok. I was always told “oh, don’t lift because that will make you look manly and you’ll blow up, you want to be soft so men like you.” Nothing about my body wanted to be soft and curvaceous so, instead of beating myself up about it I listened to it. I embraced my body for what I had instead of what I wasn’t. I was on all the time reading articles, googling, and then one day I saw this photo of a beautiful woman with muscle in a sparkly red bikini and that was it. That’s what I wanted to do. I did my first NPC show in 2013 ended up winning the overall in bikini and I was hooked. I was able to take the stresses of my day and push them out with the weight I was lifting in the gym. I would do all over again if I had to, no doubt about it.


What struggle did you run into getting started or staying motivated to continue towards your goals?

(Natoshia) Honestly, it didn’t take much to keep me motivated in the beginning. I was so focused on changing my lifestyle and building a healthy relationship with food I didn’t have time for doubts. It wasn’t until my fist national show that I really had my eyes opened. These women were DOING IT! Suits to the nine, bodies were ridiculous, every single woman was drop dead gorgeous and they all had a little strut. Me a first timer and self-proclaimed tomboy, had a decent suit, old shoes, weave might have been three weeks too old but it still looked decent, swore up and down I was turning pro until that moment. I for a moment doubted myself and it showed, I wasn’t ready. The mental for me was the biggest lesson. It wasn’t the discouragement that I would get from some family members in the beginning, or the old friends who wanted me to come out, or the people that said “just one bite, just one drink”. I knew my goals and there was no stopping it. The mental aspect of it though was and still can be tough. The relationship I built with myself was important to me. Balance is key.


What advice do you have for those struggling with motivation to reach their goals or continue with a healthy lifestyle?

(Natoshia) Remember why you started and take it ONE day at a time. Having a major goal is great, it is just as important however to have those small realistic goals leading up to the major goal. I found that the small goals gave me direction and each week I was able to crush a new goal. Which, in my opinion, was great for my self-esteem for those days I wasn’t really feeling it. Whether it is to lift 5lbs heavier each week or lose 1lb a week or stretch 15 min longer each week make that small goal count. It helps more than you think and keeps you accountable. Also, make sure to give back to yourself when you deserve it. Don’t let your cup run empty.


What is your approach to Diet/Nutrition and the role it plays in reaching your goals?

(Natoshia) My preferred nutrition is a ketogenic style diet. I love fats, I love salmon and I love veggies. It brings me in really tight and I never have any mood swings with my prep because there isn’t anything spiking my insulin levels. My energy level is always high. It works well with my health goals as well because my family has a history of diabetes, heart problems, and cancer and kidney failure so preventive health is always number one for me. My meal sizes never change the closer I get to a show like they use to while carb cycling and I don’t pull water. It makes prep much easier in my opinion but everyone’s body is very different. My body runs much better on fats than on carbs.


What is a typical day of eating like for you?

(Natoshia) I eat about nine times a day.  Usually fatty meats and a handful of veggies and supplementing protein shakes here and there. I always finish my day off with a fiber supplement for sure. It really fills me up at night when I have those late night cravings. The mango flavor of my fiber supplement does the trick.


What is your training schedule like and how do you split your workouts?

  1. Plyo’s are usually my Thursday workout. Great if you need a hard workout in a short amount of time.
  2. Hot yoga is a huge part of my training now. I like hitting one session a week at least. Sunday afternoons usually.
  3. Beginning of the week is usually a heavy leg day with Glute focus
  4. Cardio is every day. Make it fun


Favorite body part to train?

(Natoshia)  I would have to say my favorite body part to train are my legs as a whole. I’m quad dominant so to stay balanced I have to modify my workouts. I like the challenge.

Can we get a sample of your workout playlist?

(Natoshia) Oh Dear. I literally just pulled up my last play list and still had to edit it.

  1. Beyonce – Formation
  2. Justin Timberlake – Drink you away
  3. Tory Lanez – Luv
  4. Beyonce – Crazy in Love (Live from London)
  5. Grace – You don’t Own Me
  6. Kanye West – Fade
  7. DJ Khaled – For Free
  8. Tank – #Bday


Do you take any supplements? If so what do you take?

(Natoshia) Yes I do. I take the basics because the basics work.

For my Arnold prep:

Isolyze: Isolate Protein

Omegalize: all of my omega fats, very important to me

Artholize: This helps protect my joints and a great collagen supplement

Fiberlize: This fiber is amazing! I can’t tell you the difference it’s made in my gut health. It’s the last thing I take at night and it fills me right up. No cravings at night and I wake up with a flat tummy.


What are your staple fitness products for you?

(Natoshia) For sure ear phones, music drives me in basically everything I do. I’d also have to say my bands and yoga mat.


Favorite food/Cheat meal?

(Natoshia) Oh the Good ole’ Burger and Fries! YUMM!


One interesting fact about you?

(Natoshia) I have a bikini obsession.


Anything else you would like to share with us?

(Natoshia) If you do decide to check out the products I use for my prep at  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Save yourself a dollar or two and use my code “TOSHIA25” because sharing is caring. They are honestly great products that don’t mask what they offer. Also for any inquires please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at


To keep up with Natoshia check out her FB page here and her IG @Toshia_angel_fit