Black Women Bodybuilding Presents: Danielle Humes

Tell us about yourself

  • Name Danielle C. Humes
  • Age 32
  • Height 5’6
  • Weight 156 
  • Occupation: Registered Nurse


Give us a brief backstory on how you got started on your fitness journey/lifestyle.

(Danielle)  My desire to stay active carried over into adulthood from playing basketball in grammar school and high school but as I got older and had children it shifted more towards fitness. Being a wife, mom, and nurse is physically and mentally challenging and going to the gym is my way of relieving stress and challenging my body in ways I’ve never done before. As a nurse, I’ve seen and taken care of so many patients that have preventable illnesses and health problems so I try to educate and motivate others to change their habits and lifestyles to improve their quality of life.


What struggle did you run into getting started or staying motivated to continue towards your goals?

(Danielle) My biggest struggle initially was not wanting to go workout alone. I wanted to have someone to work out with if my husband couldn’t come with me but with his encouragement and having a better sense of doing this for me, my dedication kicked into overdrive! No workout buddy, lack of time, being tired, or even feeling sick doesn’t keep me out of the gym. I literally have to force myself to take “rest days” lol !


What advice do you have for those struggling with motivation to reach their goals or continue with a healthy lifestyle?

(Danielle) If you are struggling with motivation you have to shift your mindset to understand your WHY! You go to work, why? To provide for yourself and your family. You go back to school, why? To equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to be successful. Your WHY has to matter to you, it has to be just as important as going to work, exceling in your career, even being a great spouse/parent! You have to want to do it not just for summer, not just to fit in your vacation swimsuit or birthday dress, but to be the best you possible- not just outside but inside as well. Exercise is one of the most underutilized cures for health and wellness and I want to change that!


What is your approach to Diet/Nutrition and the role it plays in reaching your goals?

(Danielle) I take a flexible approach to diet/nutrition depending upon if I want to bulk up or lean out a bit. I enjoy eating healthy so its never been a struggle for me but I do allow myself to have cheat meals, drink wine, etc. because its good to have that balance. I’ve learned to listen to my body so I get a sense of when something may be lacking in my diet or when I need to make some adjustments.


What is a typical day of eating like for you?

(Danielle) For breakfast I usually eat a bowl of oatmeal (with different things added to it depending upon what I have a taste for), two boiled eggs, and maybe some turkey bacon. Definitely have to have my coffee lol! I have scaled back on my use of creamer (I cant let it go yet lol) and I don’t use sugar so that helps as well. For lunch I like to make different kinds of salads with chicken or fish and all kinds of veggies! As a nurse I don’t like to have that heavy feeling after my lunch break so I keep my lunches light but full of good healthy foods! Dinner really varies from day to day but my favorites are baked chicken with a sweet potato and veggies or tacos!! In between meals I eat protein bars, fruit, or some sort of nuts/trail mix. I get my protein shakes in after workouts and definitely the day after a hard workout!


What is your training schedule like and how do you split your workouts?

(Danielle) I train legs heavy twice a weekly, usually Monday & Wednesday. Chest & Back on Tuesdays and Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps on Thursdays. Sometimes I may scale back a bit on Legs and do more upper body work which has been a struggle for me but I’ve made a lot of progress adding more volume to my workout. I like a balanced look overall- nice toned arms and legs/glutes 😊


Favorite body part to train?

(Danielle) Legs/Glues are my favorite, I am still learning to fine tune my training to prevent any imbalances on either side and progressively build strength in my glutes because I’m very quad- dominant. Hip thrusts, deadlifts, split squats, & kickbacks are my favorites!


Can we get a sample of your workout playlist?

(Danielle) My workout music has lots of hip hop/rap music, the louder the better! I currently have albums by Future, Drake, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, & Migos in rotation!!


Do you take any supplements? If so what do you take?

(Danielle) I take L Arginine or Maca before I start my workout, liquid L Carnitine before breakfast and again on days I’m going to do cardio, sip on BCAAS during and after my workouts. I also take a daily multivitamin and a women’s probiotic/digestive enzyme.


What are your staple fitness products for you?

(Danielle) Other than my supplements and protein shakes, my go-to products are my Beats wireless headphones, my HandlzGloves workout gloves, my GymSheep barbell bar pad, kickback cable connectors, resistance bands, sliders, and 10 lb. ankle weights. All of these products allow me to get a good upper or lower body workout whether I am at home or the gym!


Favorite food/Cheat meal?

(Danielle) Tacos with a margarita!


One interesting fact about you?

(Danielle) My face doesn’t always read “friendly” but I am one of the coolest, trustworthy silliest, thoughtful, caring, loyal, supportive friends anyone could have! I don’t give it all away too soon though, you have to earn it from me. My closest friends wouldn’t tell you anything different!


Anything else you would like to share with us?

(Danielle) I am looking forward to making a positive unique impact on the fitness industry in the near future as a soon to be personal trainer and entrepreneur with my sorority sister/good friend! Refined Physique- remember the name! 😉😊


For information on whats new with Danielle check out her IG page @danielle_fab_fit_rn