Black Women Bodybuilding Presents: Bria Johnson


Tell us about yourself

  • Name Bria Johnson
  • Age 23
  • Height 5’2
  • Weight 130 (during offseason)
  • Occupation: Personal Trainer

Give us a brief backstory on how you got started on your fitness journey/lifestyle.

(Bria) I have always been extremely active, however last year I took a great amount of time off from the gym.  Really wasn’t happy with where I was in my life. So early 2016 my goal was to “get shredded” just for my own satisfaction so I started to work out consistently and rigorous.  In March one of my co-workers brought to my attention that I should compete.  Shortly after I did my research and fell quite fond of the idea.  I am pretty head strong so when I set my mind to something it will get accomplished.  I soon hired a coach and begin to prep for my first fitness competition! It has been uphill ever since, I have now found my passion.


What struggle did you run into getting started or staying motivated to continue towards your goals?

(Bria) Prepping for shows takes dedication you can’t even imagine.  There were many nights I wanted to go home and rest after work or sleep late but I had to go to the gym.  Everytime I wanted to quit I would imagine myself walking out on stage receiving that first place trophy.  That vision alone kept me motivated to keep pushing toward my goals.


What advice do you have for those struggling with motivation to reach their goals or continue with a healthy lifestyle?

(Bria) I would ask them what they’re purpose is, and if they see their goals important enough to push through hardship.  If so, sacrifice now and the ending result will be unimaginable because of the work you put in.


What is your approach to Diet/Nutrition and the role it plays in reaching your goals?

(Bria) Diet/ Nutrition is honestly the hardest yet most important part of living a fit life.  I believe you are 100% percent what you put in your body and what you put in is what you will get out.  I see it as eating for nutritious benefits and putting the nutrients you need in your body to reach your goal.  You cannot eat for taste while prepping.


What is a typical day of eating like for you?

(Bria) I typically have 5 small meals and one protein shake a day.  My diet consists of high protein, moderate carbs, and low fat.


What is your training schedule like and how do you split your workouts?

(Bria) I work out 6 times a week, focusing on specific muscle groups each day.

  • Monday I do legs which consists of squats, lunges, leg press, hamstring curls, deadlift, leg extension, and etc.


Favorite body part to train?

(Bria) My favorite body part to train is back.


Can we get a sample of your workout playlist?

(Bria) I love music that will keep me motivated and also makes me think.  It really just depends on how I’m feeling that day. It can range from Travis Scott, 2 chainz, and Jeezy, to Lauryn Hill, Kendrick, and bone thugs n harmony. Lol I like to switch it up.


Do you take any supplements? If so what do you take?

(Bria) I take cell you loss from herbal life, optimum nutrition pre-workout, and any protein snacks and shakes from quest nutrition.


What are your staple fitness products for you?

(Bria) Quest nutrition. I absolutely love their protein bars, chips, powder, and etc.


Favorite food/Cheat meal?

(Bria) Burger and fries and donuts. I always crave that during prep.


One interesting fact about you?

(Bria) I talk in my sleep.


Anything else you would like to share with us?

(Bria) Keep pushing and going after your goals! Whatever they may be, don’t conform to please others.

If you are looking for a trainer and would like to work with Bria please reach out to Pbfits via email at and also check out her IG page @Bria.lifts