TIFFTraining was founded in Oakland, CA in 2016. Most personal trainers spend at minimum, at least a few years working in a commercial gym before branching out on their own.  After some consideration, I decided that was not the route for me. That TIFFTraining needed to happen now, in this space, at this moment in time. That my love and knowledge of fitness; the love for my community; and well-proven work ethic would make it a successful venture. Being that I am a black woman and fitness pro, working for an environmental NGO, living in Oakland — a historically proud and diverse city currently under the siege of gentrification, I found that I had an overwhelming desire to be ‘a boss’. Not just for myself, but for other women in my community that dream of being in shape and having something to call their own. Another big piece – the fitness industry is dominated by mostly men and white women. I needed to represent, and to be a real source for other women that look like me. I also know a little something something about making fitness fun. Once the perfect location (Fit Evolution Piedmont) and team to train and build alongside came into the picture, it was really a no brainer to be an independent NASM certified personal trainer and contractor, and launch TIFFTraining.


Maybe you've tried to lose weight before…Maybe you don't like "gyms"…Maybe you don't know where to begin…Join the fit squad that knows how to get it done. It's time to change your life!! We got you 😉

Posted by TIFFTraining on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The TIFF in TIFFTraining is an acronym. Be Transformed Inspired Fearless & Fabulous. That is what my business and brand are all about! My life (and body!) where truly Transformed once I committed myself to the gym and to achieving my body goals. I became more invested in the process and Inspired by others in the gym and in the industry. I now get to give back, and give that inspiration to others! The combination of focus and increased strength that comes with body building makes me Fearless both in the gym and in other aspects of my life. Once you can back squat anything over your weight, no one should EVER underestimate you. Most definitely not yourself. Lastly, there’s Fabulous. That just comes with the territory. I want ALL of my clients get to this place. To embody all of it. You will never have a perfect body. That is all just relative anyway. But when you consistently train, eat well, and sculpt your idea of the perfect body, you deserve the title. Be fabulous. You definitely earned it.


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