SLAY (Stay Loving All of You)

With a desire and passion to empower, encourage, and inspire women to lift their way to a fitter lifestyle, Sprint.Squat.Slay. was envisioned in 2016. There is a stigma in society that women who weight lift look “bulky”, “un-feminine”, and “unattractive”. The minute Sarah picks up a barbell, she doesn’t look or feel that way. She feels strong. She feels sexy. She feels empowered. She looks confident. She looks beautiful. She looks happy. So how did society come up with this absurd stigma when it’s far from the truth?


There is also the thought that women who do weight lift are mostly bodybuilders and pro-athletes. While there is truth to this, this is not the only case. Women of all backgrounds and occupations participate in weight lifting activities, and enjoy reaping the benefits that health and fitness brings. According to, women make up over 70% of purchasing decisions in the U.S. Sarah came to the realization that women of color are an underrepresented segment of the multi-billion-dollar fitness industry. An industry that is constantly growing has yet to market to women of color, a segment of the market that has nearly one trillion dollars in purchasing power. With the underserved gaps in the market and concerning matters in mind, she knows that God revealed it is time to bring a different image to the mind of the woman weight lifter, and be a living example of what SLAYing (Stay Loving All of You) in and out the gym looks like.

What started out as simply encouraging other women in the gym soon transitioned into a passion to really motivate others to be the best version of herself. After lots of prayer and direction from the Lord, it was time to use her spiritual gifts of dedication, drive, and discipline to intentionally embark on a journey of love and support through coaching others. It only made sense that her mantra on fitness be the banner for her business- Sprint.Squat.Slay. Why Sprint? Simply put, sprinting is one of the best anaerobic exercises that builds muscle and shreds fat. Why Squat? The squat is the most utilized functional movement in body building and everyday life. Why Slay? Why not? SLAYing in and out the gym is a must. With these personal principles in mind, Sarah launched the personal and group training side to the business in Arlington, TX, and is available for coaching throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. She is adamant that fitness is meant to be fun and is a space where she can be herself. On any day, she can be found in front of the mirror, headphones on, with a barbell in her hands.

Sarah encourages her clients to SLAY at the early stages in their journey and appreciate the beauty in deciding and following through with commitment, confidence, and consistency. Sarah believes that God has plans to expand and launch the different facets of Sprint.Squat.Slay. As she patiently awaits the arrival of each facets season, you can expect great things rolling out over the remainder of the year and into 2018. As she is allowed, God will empower her to assist in building her empire around empowering, encouraging, and inspiring women to push past their comfort zones, lift heavy, and SLAY in and out the gym.

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