Unlock the Champion within!

We are pleased to introduce our first spotlight gym, ChampionTone Fitness located in Murfreesboro, TN! ChampionTone is a private functional fitness studio owned and operated by Kelman Edwards Jr. Championtone Fitness made history in 2015 by being the first black owned gym in Murfreesboro. It’s unique style of training uses bodyweight exercises along with an array of simple gym equipment like tractor tires, ropes, and kettle bells to create some awesome workouts. The trainers at Championtone advocate a healthy balance of High Intensity Interval Training and structured nutrition in order to help clients achieve any desired goal. The results definitely speak for themselves. Their motto is “Excellence not Perfection; Effort not Excuses!” Check out the workout of the week who Master Trainer Mykal Lorne

For more information on ChampionTone Fitness contact them at

Phone: 615-473-1952

Facebook: ChampiontoneFitness

Instagram: @Championtonefitness